Prise de câble secteur PowerCon, 3 pôles, OUT

Marque : Neutrik

Modèle : NAC3FCB
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N° d'article : 63570 / Modèle : NAC3FCB

Prise de câble secteur PowerCon, 3 pôles, OUT

Locking 3 pole equipment AC connector. Fast and easy locking system. High current capacity (20 A rated). Extremely robust and reliable. Meets all prevailing safety standards. UL recognized, VDE certified and SEV approved. Very good cable handling and protection.


Number of contacts: 2 + PE
Rated current per contact: 20 A rms
Rated voltage: 250 V ac
Dielectric strength: 4000 V dc
Contact resistance: = 3 m
Insulation resistance after damp heat test: > 100 M
Creepage distance: according to IEC 664-1
Safety ground: Premating

Retention method: Quicklock with securing lever
Cable O.D. range: 5 - 15 mm
Cable retention force: = 220 N, depending on cable dia and material
Wiring: - Cable: screw-type terminals or soldering nom. wire size/contact: 2.5 mm² / 14 AWG
- Chassis: flat tabs for FASTON 0.187" x 0.02" (4.8mm x 0.5mm) or soldering
Solderability: complies with IEC 68-2-20

Housing: PA 6 30% GR
Insert: PA 6 30% GR
Contacts: ZnAI4Cu1 / CuSn8
Contact surface: 4 µm / 20 µm Ag plated
Chuck: POM
Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
Flammability: UL94HB
Protection class (mated): IP20

With the two non-interchangeable types of connectors (A-type, B-type) it is impossible to produce a short circuit. Mating connectors (combination) are identified by mechanical keyways and by color:
- A-type (POWER INLET)
Cable connector: blue
Chassis connector: blue

Cable connector: grey, with blue bushing
Chassis connector: grey

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