Tube électronique UY85

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Modèle : UY85
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N° d'article : UY85 / Modèle : UY85

Tube électronique UY85

The UY85 is a half wave rectifier and would be used on small universal (AC/DC) mains appliances. The heater chain would draw 100 mA and this was to enable the small number of valves used in a broadcast radio receiver to be run without a large dropper (ballast) resister.
The UY85 can work into a maximum reservoir capacitance of 100 µF, as protection a series resistance of 100 Ohms minimum is required.
The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter, and excluding the B9A base pins is 57 mm tall.

halfwave rectifier
Heater : indirect; Uf = 38V; If = 0.1A;Ufk = 550V
Maximum Ratings : Uas =-700V;Ias = 660mA
typical Characteristics : Utr = 250V;Io = 110mA;Uo = 245V
applications : halfwave power rectifier in serial heated devices

Equivalences : 38A3 / U119 / U381

Socle : B9A

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