Tube électronique PY81

Marque : Philips

Modèle : PY81
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N° d'article : PY81 / Modèle : PY81

Tube électronique PY81

It was specifically built as an efficiency diode for television line scan. Considerable energy is fed to the line deflection coils and this has to dissipate during flyback. The efficiency diode channels this energy back to the supply rail smoothing capacitors for use on the next line scan.
The rectifier is specified as having a peak inverse voltage rating of 4,500 volts, and a peak current rating of 450 mA. No voltage drop is quoted so the dissipation can not be given.
The thin glass tube envelope is 19 mm in diameter and excluding the B9A base pins the length is 71 mm.

Equivalences : 17Z3 / PY800 / U153 / U329 / PY83

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